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    Default Method Acting

    I'm a bit curious about diving into method acting.

    Has anyone attended or know anyone that has or is attended/attending Methodica? What is the school like? Teachers?

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    Thumbs up I trained at Methodica.

    Hi Katty77,

    I trained at Methodica. I highly recommend this school. Methodica focuses on quality of acting over anything else. I enjoy that the class sizes are small and there is a lot of personalized instruction. I found the people who attend Methodica are serious about growth as actors, and the space is a very “safe” where you feel comfortable to try new things and ask questions which may seem silly at first. There is a challenging aspect of the instruction where you are actually breaking down and working on meaty scripts and plays. The instruction goes far beyond audition technique – but rather focuses on what is going to happen after you score the role in the play or film: how are you going to prepare and how are you going to execute the performance while filming or when the play opens?

    My preference of acting is the Method System and I feel fortunate to have found Methodica because the instructor is a 4th generation instructor from Stanislavski (the grand master and creator of the Method System). I do not know of any other instructor who can say his own base comes so close to the original system.

    - Kirby

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    Default Methodica is it.

    I studied at Methodica for the full two year intensive. I stayed longer at the school by choice, there was such amazing tutelage under the guidance of Asen Gadjalov (Artistic Director of Studies) that I had to further learn as much as I could from this man. There is no other school, as far as I am concerned where you can fully develop yourself as a professional actor, there is an ambiance of nurturing where you can truly feel comfortable to explore the infinite possibilities that a human can experience. All that you explore lead into performances, that showcase what you are learning. The school is intimate, passionate, and how can you go wrong with Stanislavsky lineage? There is no definate 'school of thought,' basically, at Methodica, you are taught how to learn, and choose that which works with certainty for yourself. Don't take my word for it, try it out. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


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    I'm currently looking for a job so that I can pay for acting classes part time. I have been seriously considering Methodica for ages. As soon as I find employment I think I will most definitely enrol there. I'm hoping the part time is as great as you all say the full time programs are Thank you for posting your reviews!

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    Never heard of them and I've been here since '06. Bette Chadwick is lovely though!

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    Dear Katty:

    I know of Methodica through my students and our voice teacher, Trish Allen. She LOVES the owner. I don't know him but Trish is a very reliable source!

    I recommend Methodica to deepen your work. We have taught Kirby at Schoolcreative and she is a wonderful actor (and person). She often spoke of how much she loved the experience. When you are looking for Audition/Camera work please come and audit here or join a class. We have lots of good workshops too.

    Take a look at our paparazzi page to see our bookings.

    Kirsten Clarkson
    Senior Education Advisor

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